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Four original tracks powered by an3

All about Unreal Memories

Unreal Memories is an introspective electronic album.
Here you can find synthetic sound and Sci Fi inspiration.
Let the sound lead you inside its atmosphere. Once you’ll get out, you’ll still need it.

track 01: "Unreal Memories"
This sound experience is about unrealistic perspectives. If you have unreal memories, they are probably due to confused emotions.

track 02: "Psychohistory"
Can you imagine how a robot feels, respecting the robotic laws?
Try to ask R.Daneel and R.Giskard!!!

track 03: "Getting Lost"
- Hey buddy
- Hey man
- Have you listen the last track?…..

track 04: "Getting Lost – It’s different"
-You were right, it was happier  at first…but than at the end…
- At the end…he really got lost…
- He’s completely lots!!!

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